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Christmas Carols

Welcome to Christmas-Carols.org!

Away in a manger, Good King Wenceslas

jingle bells, silent night

Deck the halls, Ding dong merrily on high

What are Christmas Carols?

Christmas Carols and Christmas Songs are songs with lyrics themed around the Christmas period, with emphasis on the birth of Jesus. The ever popular Carols are sung during the month of December, up to and including Christmas day.

History of Christmas Carols?

Pagan songs have been sung for the winter solstice long before the birth of Christ. Early Pagans celebrated the the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) by dancing around in circles and singing, it is believed this is where the word “Carol” derives from, the French word “carole” means circular dance.

Early Christians took over many of the pagan celebrations and in the fourth century Latin Christmas hymns appeared in Rome, these Christmas Songs became popular with European composers and soon “Christmas Carols” could be heard in church’s throughout Europe. Unfortunately, because these Carols were sung in Latin, a language not understood by many, their popularity waned.

In the year 1223 on Christmas Eve, Francis of Assisi, gave Midnight Mass in front of a life size Nativity scene, thus becoming the first Nativity play. As Nativity plays gained popularity across main-land Europe, the Latin Christmas songs sung during the performance evolved from Latin to a language the local audience watching could understand and participate. This was the birth of the modern Christmas carol and soon the new carols sung throughout Europe at Christmas.


Why Have We Produced a List of Christmas Carols and Songs?

The purpose of this site is to build the most comprehensive resource of Christmas Carols and Christmas Songs on the internet as well as giving you some great Christmas ideas and pastimes for friends and families. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the overall user experience or any Christmas related topics/resources you would like us to cover-let us know via our facebook page, feedback is always welcome!

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